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Nov 30, 2020 at 3:30 PM CST

By Larissa FastHorse

Available until May 23, 2021

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The funniest Thanksgiving roast you’ll attend this year

A team of terminally woke teaching artists’ good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in this blistering satire. Logan is a high school drama teacher who loves to push limits. But she runs the risk of getting carried right over the edge with her next project: creating a play celebrating the first Thanksgiving while also honoring Native American Heritage Month. With the help of her yoga-teaching busker boyfriend, an elementary school history expert determined to make all his theatrical dreams come true, and an “authentic” actor from Los Angeles to represent all Native Americans, what could possibly go wrong?

Featuring: Torrey Hanson, Hannah Shay, Eric Schabla, and Kelsey Brennan

Directed by Laura Gordon

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Subtitles available in: English
  • The Thanksgiving Play Program